Kensington Homes Ltd. was established in 1992
and provides Project Development and
Construction Management services in the Lower

We specialize in Ownership Representation:
bridging the gap between ownership and all
other parties - municipal and professional -
involved in designing, planning, financing,
building and selling residential and commercial
developments. We have assisted many clients -
both established developers and newcomers to
the market - to successfully plan, construct and
sell their developments. 
Our Wood Frame Division provides construction management services to single family,
townhouse and wood frame condo developers.

Our guiding principle has always been to provide the best possible quality for the amount
of money spent. "Qualtiy" is an oft-promised but seldom delivered commodity. We believe
that the design, quality of materials, and experience of the construction team all
contribute to the overall quality of the final product. Hence we work with the best, to
deliver the best.